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We are continuing with the updating of our website and the creation of many new member benefits including our new Rental Program that is under construction

Owner of Timeshare Weeks and Private Holiday Accommodation are invited to advertise on our Rental Website www.rent-accom.com website. You will be required to complete an information form then one of our staff will place your week/s on this website we ask that you give as much information as possible as this helps in the success of renting your weeks.

We also ask that once we have placed your advert you inform us immediately in the event that you wish us to remove the advert. All weeks advertised on this website are advertised as available immediately. Failure to inform us that your week is no longer available could incur a small admin advertising cost of £50.00. We also want to avoid disappointment on behalf of the person renting your week.

We will before we rent your week check with you that it is still available before we accept any payment.

Our commission is 20% and all monies are paid approximately one month after occupancy UKRE will do all administration and paperwork from beginning to end.

We ask that you give us correct details although UKRE will check with resorts that all details are correct. Should you not be successful UKRE will from 6 weeks prior ask if you wish to deposit your week with UKRE or in some cases may make an offer to rent your week.

One we have placed your week on our website we will send you a letter of acknowledgement confirming all your details. In the event of a successful rental we will confirm to you in writing then payment will follow after occupancy usually around about 4 weeks. This time allows any renter the chance to make any complaints which must be in writing and further allow you the owner to have any complaints addressed by the resort. We would point out complaints are very rare but feel everyone should be involved if one genuinely occurs.

Should you wish to take advantage of this website then we will do our very best to be fruitful and make any transactions as pain free as possible please contact us on
01738 629748 or our mobile 07720413691 where we can offer you further advise and help

We would like to wish everyone using this site every success. Read our full Terms and Conditions

  Rent Your Accommodation  

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