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The idea is to cut out the middleman and manage your own inventory and set your own prices to be paid directly by Pay Pal from the user.

For Owners
Costs involved are £10.00 to register as a member, then £15.00 for each week advertised.

  • Before you start please make sure your dates and changeover days are correct.
  • Those who are advertising timeshare weeks be extremely vigilant with dates, if your not sure ask at your resort.
  • To enhance your own success have a website so potential customers can view resort or properties.

Those who wish to place more than 5 weeks can opt for the Corporate Option simply register for £10.00 then only pay £65.00 to advertise unlimited weeks.

  • Place you advert in blocks of weeks.
  • The renter can then email you for availability and ask any questions at the same time.

For Renters
You do not need to register to view this website. Just email the owner to arrange payment details.

  • Those renting timeshare weeks please make sure you that the resorts you have chosen know you are arriving.

HELP LINE 01770 302345 07720 413691 For those who DON'T HAVE or CAN'T USE a computer we can place your advert for you

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